Discover the issue


Feel the good feelings of what the issue needs to heal


Create space for transformation by letting go


Transform through awareness and forgiveness

Are you ready to live as your highest self? Would you like to learn how to heal? Hypnotherapy can help you to reprogram your subconscious and generate new neural pathways that can lead to lasting change. Through a deeper connection with your authentic self you will be guided by your highest purpose therefore you can align with and create the life you truly desire. This wisdom will assist you with authenticity in all of your relationships and your ability to heal yourself.




Welcome to the Beauty Haus Podcast.

This podcast is inspired by creative professionals sharing real stories about their struggles and passions born out of childhood patterns. Listen to hear how they’ve used these natural gifts to guide their highest purpose. Press play to learn how you too, can move from surviving into thriving.

We’re all multi-faceted beings with multiple layers beneath what you see on the surface…

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Shannon Kim is a visionary who inspires clarity and personal transformation. She acts as a guide to connect others to their deepest truth. Her journey of being left in a train station as an infant in Seoul, Korea uniquely paved the way for her spiritual quest. She aims to give others the opportunity she’s had to uncover and heal their childhood wounds.

Shannon has worked in top LA salons as a hairstylist for over 15 years. She is a conduit for transformation both physically and spiritually. Through her career she began to see that her skills for listening, guiding and manifesting were helping her clients and close friends recognize their patterns. Shannon’s interest in personal growth led her to complete a 2 year program in Integrative Body Psychotherapy, learning the foundation of psychology, energy, breath and body awareness practices. She is currently studying hypnotherapy and reiki.

Shannon seeks to show others how understanding their childhood dynamics can lead to lifelong transformation. Through supporting you in finding the root of emotional blocks and patterns, guided reprogramming and neural rewiring through practicing mindfulness, you will have the tools to create lasting change. Today she utilizes these personalized skills to help you build deeper intimacy in relationships, clarity in communication and alignment towards conscious manifestation.